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(Ilford LTD)+Dallmeyer 1,9/2 “Super-Six” lens

Very rare Leica copy from England with Dallmeyer Super-Six 1.9/50mm  original lens, camera has Leica mount and can be used with  all  M39X1  Leica lenses. Single window large rangefinder base. The mounting screw has four cuts as well as Dallmeyer original  lens. So interchangeability acts as a bayonet mount. A lock button is seen at front left below slow speed dial. Another peculiarity is the body openings by complete die cast back removal, with bottom locks,  à la Contax  No.5286.

- Pehaps the basis of FED 2 mass procuced model ?


Some Witness lenses

 Dallmeyer Super-Six 1.9/50mm Biotar formula

(Seeing the sloted thread)



Dallmeyer Dallac 2/85mm Sonnar formula



Ross Xtralux 4.5/135mm Hektor formula



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