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Flexaret 6 series


Main Characteristics:

Automatic twin-lens reflex camera for roll film – 12 pictures 6x6 cm and 34 pictures 24x36mm 

Lenses: viewfinder - Anastigmat 3/80, or Belar 3.5/80 camera lens -  Belar 3.5/80
Shutter: SVS/LV size# 00 B, 1 – 1/500 or Metax size # 00 B, 1 – 1/400.
Film feed: by knob with automatic stop simultaneous winding-up of shutter.
Picture counter:12 pictures seen in automatic external window.
Release: coupled to film advance with auto release – includes lock.

This model introduced lens bayonets and auto film indicator in back door
Year of production: 1961-67


The VI model and its 35mm adapter



In the back we see the filter table and the new (60 - 35) film format indicator and DIN/ASA reminder

Loading way for 35mm on Flexaret VI


Prontor SVS LV models


Flexaret Standard Grey Model

Red window film counter 6X6 and 4,5X6 capabilities.


Below, black finish variation No Standard inscription



Flexaret Astro


Technical apparatus for the amateur astronomical photographer. Various normal run Flexarets were adapted for amateur astronomy .In 1961  Meopta Přerov decided to built a Flexaret VI variant the Flexaret Astro for these people, This low cost camera, has no finder no focusing objective. The lens is permanently set at infinity. It has original film advance mechanics stop, double exposure prevention and shutter cocking ,  The shutter although has a single speed  - “B” and the diaphragm is fixed at 3.5. no synch This Flexaret is also known as " Aster".It seems have never being advertised but was public shown at Brněnském fair together the magistral " normal" Flexaret VI. Albeit it works a somewhat nonpractical, surely it attracted the eyes of the visitors.





Camera type

Technical camera made in the twin lens Flexaret VI base.
Uses 120 film type for 12  6 x 6 cm pictures.


Meopta Přerov, Czechoslovakia

 Viewing objective

None all finder optics covered by metal plates

Taking objective

Belar 3.5 / 80 (no focus  and no diaphragm)

Taking objective filter and supressors

It can be available, safety solar blind them over bayonet B 40, neutral  suppresor or external diaphragm, filters inside bayonet B 36..


Five blades single speed shutter

 Shutter range

Single speed B, manually controlled  has provision for wire shutter release aldo in the locked shutter button position.


None. The same way as Flexaret VI one can’t see the taking lens image..

Self timer





This camera has also aplication on manual flash quick moving objects or  cintillation record



Flexaret VI Prontor SVS 500LV and Metax

Flexaret Standard black and gray different finishings and name variations.

From the collection


Set of accessories



The final shape 

Flexaret  7


Main Characteristics:

Automatic twin-lens reflex camera for roll film of 12 pictures 6x6 cm, or 16 pictures 4.5x6 cm, eventually 33-35 pictures of size 24x36 mm in 35 mm roll film.

Lenses: viewfinder - Belar 3.5/80, camera lens - Belar 3.5/80.
Shutter: Prestor RVS 00  B 1-1/500 (Model VII) or Prontor SVS/LV size# 00 B, 1 – 1/500. (Model VII second series)
Film feed: by a knob with simultaneous winding-up of shutter.
Picture counter: automatic for 12 pictures.
Release: blocked with advancing of film – includes lock / Double exposure device on Model VII absent in Model VII second series.
Year of production: 1966-71.



The right side button is intended for intentional double exposure

The left side button is an off/on switch intended for three position click-stop focusing

In the bottom rear face you have a switch for 6x6 or 4.5x6 auto advance.

This same device switches 24x36 to 24x24 when using 35mm film


Models VII and VIIa The last has no intentional double exposure

All cameras equipped with Prontor SVS/LV has no double exposure capabilities.



Full view of Prestor RVS model



The 35mm adapter




Now full view of Prontor SVS/LV model

See the no double exposure capabilities.





Flexaret VII Prestor RVS at left and Prontor SVS-LV at right 

From the collection


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