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The Flexaret Research


These are the Flexarets ! 




Top:  Model I (Front element coupled gear  focusing) and

Botttom: Model II (Crank helicoïd focusing) Two versions – prototype and pre production run.



Model III (ProntorS or SV) and IIIa (Prontor SV or Metax plus Mirar II lens)

Model IV (Only 6X6 format) and IVa (6X6 and 24X36)

Model V (35mm adapter) and Va (35mm adapter w/ rewind & finder shoe)

Model VI automat (all automatic functions) Model VI standard (everything manual) and Model VI Astro (no finder- single speed shutter)


Model VII (Prestor RVS plus double exposure) and VIIa (ProntorSVS-LVS)




The Logos

Three eras :


2) Optikotechna

3) Meopta



1) The begining;

First era

Brati Bradácov


Kamarad the forerunner.




Kamarad I - The original.

Objective : Meyer Bellar  3.9/75






The second model  Kamarad MII


Variant Rodenstock Trinar f4.5 /7.5cm


Variant Meyer Trioplan f2.9 /7.5cm




Kamarad M II

Objective : Meyer Trioplan 2.9/75












Kamarad  was sold as Companion in USA



“Companion” version of “Kamarad MII” - Barry Toogood. Collection



To be continued>>>>>>>